Christian Bock has grown up on a farm in the Carinthian Alps in Austria. On the way to become a theoretical physicist he discovers his passion for long trekking-journeys through the great mountain ranges of North-America and Central Asia. During these travels he also develops his love for photography.

After quitting his career as a physicist and a tedious knee injury, he started to search for alternatives to the heavy backpack without sacrificing the possibility of venturing for multiple weeks into remote mountains. Through many coincidences Christian ended up in Kyrgyzstan, where he realized an unexpected new dream: A horse loaded with food for multiple months and minimal equipment with nothing ahead but the remotest parts of the Kyrgyz Tien Shan Mountains. He spent years venturing on foot with his horses through the highlands, summer and winter, often alone. The friendships and life with the Kyrgyz shepherds as well as this minimalist nomadic life-style have shaped his live profoundly.

Today Christian lives as a photographer in Austria.